St. Thomas' School uses a number of communication methods to keep our school community informed.

  • Newsletter

St. Thomas' weekly newsletter is published on Monday.  The newsletter contains important information about the upcoming week and what is happening around the school.  The newsletter is available via the Skoolbag app or email to families.

  • Parent Access Module (PAM)

Parents and carers of students enrolled at St. Thomas’ are able to use PAM to approve camps and excursions for students, to notify the school of student absences, to keep medical details up to date and to access their child’s reports.

  • Audiri

At St. Thomas’ we use an app called Audiri to distribute our newsletter to families and other interested community organisations and as a message notification service to send out reminders and details about events happening at our school.

To download the Audiri app on to your mobile device, click the relevant link below.


Parents can become involved in school life by joining the Parents' and Friends' Association or School Advisory Council.  Less formal involvement opportunities include:

  • School Assembly - Parents are welcome to attend school assemby which is held regularly on Friday afternoon.
  • Sport days and special events - Parent assistance with sport days and special events is always appreciated.
  • School Vegetable Garden - Parents are invited to share their gardening skills to help our students become successful gardeners.

  • Parents’ and Friends’ Association

All families are invited to join our Parents’ and Friends’ Association which offers an opportunity to join with other families for fundraising and social activities that are offered within our school.  Events held throughout the year include our Shrove Tuesday Big Breakfast, Grandparents and Special Friends Day and BBQ Lunch days.

  • School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is a vital group working in the interests of our school under advice from our parents.  The SAC is comprised of representatives from our parent body, school staff, our principal, parish priest and 5 parent members.

The SAC is the leading advisory group for the Principal and an active forum for parent participation.  The SAC provides support and advice for strategic planning, school improvement, educational outcomes and stewardship of resources.

Chair: Anthea Blackford
Staff Representative: Loraine Jansen
P & F Assoc. Representative: Joanne Kenna
Parent Representatives: John Clarke
David Conheady
Julia Ogdin-Gubbins
Sharon Scanlon
Principal: Matthew Uzkuraitis
Parish Priest: Fr. Gary Jones
Secretary: Linda Kenna