Preparing for School

 As the time gets closer for the child to start school there are a number of things which parents can do to help the child settle in easily. Here are some ideas:

• Walk with the child to school, or the bus stop, so he or she knows the way.

• Once school starts, make sure your child knows where to meet you. If children are to feel secure it is important that they are met on time.

• Practise with the child what he or she should say if asked for his or her name and address.

• Label any clothes the child may take off, and things like lunchboxes and schoolbags.

• Talk about how long the school day will be in terms the child can understand.

• Talk about the difference between ‘playtime’ and ‘lunchtime’. Show the child what food you have packed each morning and say when you expect it to be eaten. Make sure your child can easily open the lunch box and drink container.

• Sandwiches that are individually wrapped are easier to handle.

• Choose a schoolbag or case that is suitable size for your child. Bags that are too big are awkward and tiring.

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